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Olive Branch Church Officers for 2017

 Church Council
Council Chair: Jane DiStefano
PPR Rep: Ray Dyer
Council Secretary: Diane Clary
Finance Secretary: Marian Lea Clary
Finance Chair:
Trustees Chair: Vickie Evans
Conf. Delegate: Vickie Evans
Treasurer: Kathy Dyer
UMM:Monty Evans
UMW: Polly Clary
Lay Leaders: Ed DiStefano
Pastor: Rev Randy Williams

Financial Secretary: Marion Lea Clary
Asst Finc :Diane Clary
Membership Secretary:Polly Clary
Communion Stewards: Ed & Jane Distefano, Steve & Alice Johnson

Charge Officers:
Charge Treasurer: Diane Daniel
Charge Recording Secretary: Kathy Dyer
Conference Delegate: Vickie Evans

Lay Leadership & Nominating
Rev Randy Williams*
Ed Distefano (Lay Leader)
Johnna Fross 2017
Patty Grigg 2017
Diane Clary 2018
Ray Dyer 2018
Jack Smith 2018

Ray Dyer*
Ed Distefano (Lay Leader)
Marian Lea Clary 2017
Diane Clary 2017
Vickie Evans 2018
June Edmonds (Rock) (Lay Leader)
Diane Daniel (Rock) 2018
G.B.Turner (Rock) 2017
David Goad (Rock) 2018

Board of Trustees
*Vickie Evans 2018
A.B. Clary 2017
Steve Johnson 2018
Peggy Moore 2017
Leland Williams 2018
Sara Clary 2019

Finance Committee
Marian Lea Clary
Kathy Dyer
Rev Randy Williams
Committee Chairs

Property & Grounds
A. B. Clary*
B. J. Grigg
Kenneth Baird

Kathy Dyer*
Ray Dyer
Catherine Moore
Robert Moore

Outreach & Mission
Ed Distefano*
Catherine Moore
Robert Moore
Vickie Evans
Nancy McGuire
Jane Distefano
Polly Clary

Ray Dyer - Web site
Carol Baird

Ed Distefano-- News Letter

Marian Lea Clary
Diane Clary
Judy Kibbler
Sara Clary

Music & Worship
Nancy Williams
Shirley Everest
Martha Haithcock
Randy Williams
Ed Distefano
Kathy Dyer