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United Methodist Men byEd Destefano

The United Methodist Men will meet on the 3frd Saturday of each month at 8:00 am. Breakfast will be provided for all by rotating members. There will be a devotional and a meeting after breakfast. All men of the church are invited to join us as we begin our year of reaching out.  

        UMM Schedule 2017

Jan 21 Steve Johnson Ed Destefano A.B.
Feb 18 Jack Smith Monty Evans Bob Abernathy
Mar 18 Ray Dyer Leland Williams Chris Brockwell
April 22 Ed Destefano Monty Evans A. B. / Billy
May 20 Steve Johnson Ray Dyer Ken CARTY
June 17 Jack Smith Leland Williams Chris B.
July 15 Monty Evans Steve Johnson Bob Ab.
Aug 19 Ray Dyer Ed D. A.B.  // Billy
Sep 16 "TBA Nlt 01Aug "TBA Nlt 01Aug "" ""
Oct 21
Nov 18

If you are not available please call Monty Evans 252-673-6584 to arrange a sub.